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So today Nathan helped me clean out my car. Tomorrow he follows me places to attempt selling it, as Sunday seems to be the day of buyers for lots. Which means Monday I call apartment places to try to get into one.

I now work weekdays at the office, evenings Tuesday Friday Saturday Sunday at the restaurant, and do 2 hour workouts including either yoga or kickboxing Monday Wednesday Thursday.

  • Drink some coffee
  • Find one job
  • Find a second job
  • Get myself my own apartment (hopefully this upcoming week)
  • Sell my car (hopefully tomorrow)
  • Find a gym (and get into a routine)
  • Find a Doctor
  • Find a Transhumanist discussion group (or start one)
  • Find a Tattooist (give it a couple months)
  • Start sewing again
  • Eat some real food
  • Become a member at the Merc
  • Go to IKEA (week or two)
  • Buy a moped (..or a motorcycle) (couple months)
  • Take my LSATs (6+ months away)
  • Get a haircut
  • Take a nap
  • Unload my car

I’ve also decided that I am not done having blue hair. If a blue pixie cut can be gotten away with at the restaurant, I’ll do that, otherwise it’s back to the hawk and a wig. This “normal” hair shit has got to go. My natural color is blue, damnit. I’m glad I got the shaving out of my system though.

3 thoughts on “updated list

  1. My natural color is blue, damnit.

    Me too. I feel like I’m in costume in a BAD way when I let my roots get too long (though I’m in costume in a fun way when I occasionally go red or green or purple for a month).

    Have you heard me tell people that blue is my natural colour before, or is this a completely separately inspired natural overlap?

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