I just got word I have an apartment.

I move in on the 17th of this month.
If you care to help with painting and moving things about, I will provide food and copious amounts of wine/beer. Maybe even snacky bits.

I am filled with joy.

Please let me know if you want my address.

Actual housewarming information after I’m comfy with the space.

31 thoughts on “gwee

  1. go you!

    i will be at the roller derby that night, so i will not be free to help…and ill be in IN, but thats not the point.

    get comfy!

  2. Yay!!

    Awesome! As far as I know, I can help out that day. I’ll get back to you soon and confirm ok? And yes, your addie would be awesome!

    • Re: Yay!!

      you got it!

      just realized I have NO idea how to get ahold of you outside of LJ. Mind grabbing my info from Nathan so we can chat?

      You are awesome!

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