oh yeah…

I promised you all a flow chart, didn’t I?

Redacting tape is my friend. You’re welcome to try to fill in the blanks if you like, but I won’t let you know if you’re right or wrong.

I just realized I missed the starting arrow (start in the middle box, top row), and also a downward arrow to the left of the Entered Date.

20 thoughts on “oh yeah…

  1. a game!

    I’d understand this as a creative fill-in-the-blanks game if the blanks were empty. But the first Secret Box has this tantalizing letter Y and a question mark. Also contextual cues everywhere


  2. The amount of thought put into this is rather staggering.

    I can’t decide if Female Roadmaps are a good thing or not. I’m leaning to no, what with the “There be dragons!” strategically placed in your example.

    • Really? You think so? It looks fairly simple as far as most of them go. (I just know I am going to get smacked for that comment later.)

      But Female Roadmaps are always a good thing, even more so if some poor fool actually believes one of them and tries to use it!

    • I don’t want to give the whole thing for two main reasons: 1) it’s more fun and 2) the Internet does not need to know my preferences in some areas of life.
      Also, redacting tape is fun. As is grah paper. And choose-your-own-adventure.

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