oh yeah…

I promised you all a flow chart, didn’t I?

Redacting tape is my friend. You’re welcome to try to fill in the blanks if you like, but I won’t let you know if you’re right or wrong.

I just realized I missed the starting arrow (start in the middle box, top row), and also a downward arrow to the left of the Entered Date.

this morning is brought to you by SCIENCE

A gentlemen on the elevator this morning and I discussed how cool science is in relation to weight in movement. Thus this morning was made of win.

Why hello, Self, where the hell have you been? Hiding under the bed? I missed you! Hello! Have some tea. Actually, have some booze tea. Was it the joke about Baha’i being the religion of lolcat that got you to return? Was it the time with Red? Was it the taking on the World? Oh, just really neat dust bunnies under the bed. Well. That’s excusable then I suppose. No, no, don’t get up, I’ll do the dishes.

Emperical Testing

I’m going to make a graph today (or over the weekend, but I will be starting today) which will show my online presence. Question is, what do I use as the factor? Help me out!

(it will end up looking sort of like population by land mass maps or sensitivity images – the denser or more sensitive, the bigger the representative area)

Yes, crayons and graph paper will be involved.

Good lord, look at my geek go unchecked.

You like it! Admit it!