So life has been pretty damn awesome. There has been bacon, and rocks, and Java, and dancing.

First of all, it’s fall. These are my favorite sorts of leaves:

Red, Chris, and I went to the launch party for Baconaise.

The entire set is here, and boy was it epic.

For Halloween I went as Tank Girl.

It was a lot of fun, but also dancing to industrial music at a fetish night in a mainstream club is way awkward. Apparently a handcuffed Superman was stalking me, but I dance with my eyes closed, and so never noticed. Nature spins a mean set, and I hope to see him out here again sometime, in a space I can actually thrash about in.

Sunday went rock balancing.

It was rad, and being out in nature was just what I needed.

Tonight is full of things, tomorrow is a Transhumanist meeting (with Skype! let me know if you’re interested), Saturday is studying and the hot springs, Sunday is the auto show and tech rehearsal (for a Little Red Studio production that I’m totally enamored with) and then spending time with Unwoman.


14 thoughts on “LIFE! IN COLOR!

  1. It both impresses me and scares me that you are busier than I am.

    Those leaves are awesome.

    Must try Baconaise.

    That costume is awesome, that that awkward is exactly why my normal club groups never let the girls go off by themselves unless it is to a club where we are regular enough that the OTHER regulars will watch out for them if we turn our backs for 5 minutes. (So far that means everyone goes to the noc noc over and over again.)

    Nice rock sculpture. Makes me want to go out and do something Goldsworthy’ish.

    Transhumanist? I won’t have the time to listen live, but I’ll gladly listen to the ‘cast afterwards, again.

    Hotsprings are something that I need to visit more. Could REALLY use the stress release. But have no time.

    • Oh, I can handle myself so far as being in a club situation. Almost snapped one lady’s “crop” (it was a prop, not a real one) because she hit me with it. The big boots and threatening demeanor help, but also attract attention at a night like that. There have been many occasions where I put someone in their place for trying to cop a feel.

      (yes, this is me being uppity because of your remark about not letting girls go off on their own)

      • Fair enough. But by the same token, your not every girl.

        Half of the guardian type folk in my group are other girls with enough attitude to put someone in their place without any help. But some girls always manage to become targets at some clubs because some predators think they should be targets. I should have specified that when I said we don’t let the “girls” go off by themselves, I didn’t mean everyone with two X chromosomes. Just the ones that tend to get picked on and don’t have the right reflexes to handle it on their own.

  2. Can’t make it tomorrow – boooo…

    Dancing with your eyes closed at fetish nights sounds like a great survival tactic. You can’t un-see things…

    • yes. username willowbl00 , 7p PST, try to log in by 6:45, clicka da link for details. let me know if you have questions. <3!

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