*Bacon was rad. I’m glad I copped out on such petty things as cleaning in order to go.
*Nature is in town and is spinning tonight at Heaven. I’m going as Tank Girl. You should come out.
*Geeked out with Kaleen last night about the upcoming discussion group on the 7th. So much geek. How much? SO MUCH.
*from the self-portrait image thread on WhiteChapel came a conversation about powerful women (around page 11), and a new Rosie the Riveter. So I played camwhore in my bathroom.

Do you know a good vet? ’cause these pythons are SICK!

And now, back to work. Without a wig. In boots. And torn up fishnets. Halloween is my favorite.

13 thoughts on “Randommmm

  1. who is buff? it is you! you are buff. 😀

    So sorry I had to miss the bacon-goodness. But, if you’re following Twitter today, apparently I’m Bacon Jesus, and can transubstantiate my way into any location where there are people enjoying bacon.

    So that’s cool.

    • Does that make eating bacon dirty? Because I’m totally ok with it if it is.

      And of course you’re always with us when we make bacon. But I’d rather you were around even when there’s not bacon, because those times are tragic and would be better with a Matt. All times are better with a Matt.

      End point? Get your ass out here.

  2. tell Nate i said hi. and he needs to call me.

    are you going as Lori Petty Tank Girl or comic book Tank Girl? i was always partial to Jet myself… either way. get pictures!

  3. Pythons Baby!

    Check out the big guns on Willow! And total win for going as Tank Girl! You’ll have to show your whole costume. We’re playing a gig in Olympia tonight or I would’ve joined you at Heaven. Oh well…

  4. I can’t come up for the party as I’ve got commits here but I *do* have a deal for you… You send me pics of you as tank girl and I’ll send you pics of me as Gogo Yubari :p

    also. Your arms are fuckin’ hard core. (tries to not stare)

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