an open letter

Dear Indiana University,

I’d like you to take a look at how influential and awesome Clay Shirky is. If you had let me do my thesis and course of studies I pushed to do, I could have been further along on a similar path. While I’m happy with where I am and the conversations I have, I wish your system of academia was actually healthy for new ideas to flourish in. Instead you assumed that because there was little to no prior research on the overlap of sociology and technology, it was not possible to do and I shouldn’t be allowed to waste my time.

Please watch “Are Schools Killing Creativity?” from TED as soon as possible. Hell, watch anything from TED. I’m sure it will help.



I’d tell you all that I’ll post soon, but it may be a lie. I update Twitter fairly often, and there’s a breath of a rumor that I may have my own site soon. But right now I am tired and my brain juices have been used up.

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