So let’s see. I was homeless for a time, couch surfing, but now have a home on C Hill, which I am more than excited about. It’s my favorite neighborhood, I’m within walking distance of the people I care about, I can walk to work, and there are things to *do*. Also, I have a bed. And there is a cat named Techno who likes to sit in the bathtub and mew as well as carry around a piece of cathader tubing I had used in constructing a skirt. Seriously, he takes it everywhere. And sometimes chases one end with the other end in his mouth. Just one step up from chasing your own tail, buddy. The roommate is also cool, though we are both pretty busy and don’t see much of each other.

I still have nightmares about bedbugs. I tear the sheets off my bed and inspect them every couple of nights. But Libby gave me a stuffed bedbug squish thing to… well, squish… and Baron has reminded me that logically there is no way there would be bedbugs after a week on a new mattress.

I also severely injured my foot (there was internal bleeding! It was neat!) and so haven’t been able to run or practice parkour for over two months. I feel constrained by my own body. But it’s healing, and hopefully I’ll get the go-ahead (or at least a set date to start) on running again soon.

Transhumanism is going well.. interviews for a lady’s ethnography, and meetings are getting better and better. Just wish I had more time to write my thoughts on matters instead of being too busy to breathe. Lots of ideas on information ownership, transitioning economies, and “human” rights. Finding resources to take better notes on computer documents, which is helping.

Work is crazy. I’ve been suddenly moved into a new (and additional) set of responsibilities, which is fun, but I have no guidance and so it’s also a bit stressful. But I like numbers, and puzzles, and learning, so it should be ok.

Little Red Studio is fabulous. Been teching lights for both the Red Show and Obsidian: both of which sold out with long waiting lists. This weekend is the Royal Blue Show, where I’m out of the tech booth and on the floor. We’ll see how it goes.

Libby and I are planning a big event for May 10th, with lots of people from all over and vendors and food and lots of music. It’s going to be rad, and we’re using Cristobat’s “Wayfarers of the Gypsy Mansion” as a theme. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s also been fun to have an excuse to go to art things to see her work. Meeting all sorts of neat people.

I think that’s about it. What are you all up to? What did I miss?

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  1. Sounds quite exciting.

    I am pretty phobic about things crawling around in the night. I had an ant infestation in my bedroom once and about hit the roof when I discovered one crawling on me.

    Irrational maybe, but there you are. It helps me to take as much concrete action as I can. If your bed is already on a frame, you can isolate the legs by putting them in cans/tins/dishes with water or petroleum jelly in them. Make sure you have at least a few inches between you and walls, and use a hot dryer cycle on your sheets.

    If you are still not confident in your bed insect safety, you can use citrus sprays which repel most bugs, or in the case of bedbugs (some of which are resistant to a lot of stuff) you can find some pesticides which are safe to spray inside the home.

    uh.. yeah. phobic. Sorry.

    (I’m here from whitechapel. what up.)

    • Hello!

      Yes. I definitely put everything through the drier more than was necessary, and still do. DIE, FUCKERS! DIE!

  2. I miss you Willow!

    I worry about your doing parkour. I mean, the falls can be nasty.

    I guess that’s part of the thrill, and you are one of the most thrilling people I know.

    Libby just mailed me a beautiful picture of you.

    • That is chilling.

      And that person obviously does not have the poise and proper training. We spend a *lot* of time learning how to fall and recover.

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