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I have just realized that I can RSS from LJ into my google reader, which means perhaps I’ll be a bit more active in posting replies to things. How exciting.

Life is interesting. I’m looking for personal assistant gigs, as I’m tired of my wigged job. And then law school. Eek!
Moved into a condo downtown with Baron. We’re currently almost sort of done painting it, and have already trekked to IKEA a number of times and bookmarked more awesome DIY projects than I care to admit.
Matt comes to visit soon, Jen in early September, Mom and Dad in November, and Baron and I may be going to Boston mid September.
Went to Defcon, Vegas is excessive, also to Toorcamp and Ignite and etc. Happy fun times of travelling and learning a lot.

Trying to figure out how to give my friends enough time while still doing all the things I like to do. Have decided only possible route is a rift in the space-time-continuum, though I’m open to other suggestions.

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