CrashSpaceLA is laid out incredibly well. The entrance is onto an area full of group projects (a way to play the building like an instrument? Yes, please!) and where meetings and co-working and collaboration occur. There’s a whiteboard, a projector, and while most of the space is occupied my more a formalized long-table-and-chairs set-up, there is also a couch to lounge on.

In the back rooms are a kitchen and server space (“for historical purposes. Don’t do this.” they told us), a space for hardware hacking, and a space for heavier equipment. It’s laid out with care but obviously in use – a delicate balance that many spaces struggle with.

We attended their regular member meeting, listened as they hashed through membership dues, tier names, and access for types. The free form of the meeting was meandering but fun and shit still got done. At the end of their meeting, Diggz and I gave the first round of our presentation (built by James, because he is amazing). Feedback was good, and people have a lot of ideas of other organizations we can check out, but next round we definitely need to focus more on 101010 and executable steps.

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