Noisebridge is always one of my favorite spaces. They’ve been around for at least three years. have a big variety of disciplines they cover, and the people are just *nice*.
Diggz and Shannon picked up “build your own” Mexican food, and the presentation went off without a hitch. I talked to two lovely people from Aulstralia about the hacker and maker spaces there, and how coworking is just getting started. Mitch and I talked about our differences in opinion of what makes “hackerspace” and “makerspace” different.
The presentation itself has gotten much more smooth, with a lot of rehearsal time between James and myself, and a lot of chatting between Diggz and
myself. We’ll have an audio version up soon, and each presentation is livestreamed and recorded (links soon at
Now I get to go home for a few days to spend much needed time at Jigsaw, and with the people I love, and laying on the floor with my cat. It’s a hell of a start, and I’m really excited to see how the next leg goes.
Detroit is our next stop, and I leave from Seattle at 5:15 in the morning on Thursday.

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