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edit: Have found two potential cartographers to help with this. Now just need terms which describe me to help them with the task. Suggestions?

Had the pleasure of taking Sean to get his first ink yesterday evening. While there, had the 09 F9 code asymmetrically inscribed above my “all else will follow” line around my shoulder. This isĀ becomingĀ a bit of a problem, all this ink. Not because I don’t love every bit of it, but because it is getting to the point that there is enough of it to need to find a way to tie it all together.

I’m thinking maps and/or schematics. All in black, maybe some greyscale or bits of color. I’m not going for full-body or even full sleeves .. just for a way to tie everything together. A-RON at Laughing Buddha is a fantastic artist, and up to try lots of things, but I need at least a basic idea of what theme we’re going for.

Anyone have any suggestions? So far, things are looking like this:hex code FTW!

And I’m thinking of tying things together with stuff like this:

Actually using circuits seems like it might be over-the-top. But I’m hoping of an elegant way to tie together the code, which involves any or all of the following : maps, schematics, explosion drawings, blueprints, etc. What say you all?

And of course I’ll post pics of the new work once it’s done being protected and gross.

3 thoughts on “09 F9

  1. Looking at what you have, I can’t help but imagine a really big, faint grey QRcode, basically centered, to ty everything together.

    I think it’s important it be much lighter than what you have to avoid overpowering the other stuff, or affecting legibility.

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