Tiny Stories from DEFCON

Feeling at home. Looking like a badass.

Pausing conversations about individuals as mathematical constructs to hop over a bar railing to hug on Sirus.

Getting all the knots in my back worked out by a masseuse at the Paloalto party and then dancing my toes bloody to the Crystal Fucking Method playing Depeche Mode and a slew of other amazing songs. People making a variety of hearts on their phones to wave at Ken and Scott, and them playing too (mine was drawn on a whiteboard program, theirs was scrolling bit hearts).

Talking to Dan outside, drinking beer in the dry heat. Self-care while traveling, the community of distributed Tribe, and geek social responsibility.

Waking up at the castles, wandering out into the main room. Some people are drinking coffee. Some are drinking beer. Some are drinking both. There are people in swimming trunks and people in ties and people trying to find their pants. And a group of hackers sitting around, watching TV. I went over to mock them – the conversations to be had are far too fantastic to be watching TV. Ends up they were watching Modern Marvels on milk. MILK. So I sat down and joined them. It was fascinating. And you know what? They filter milk through a series of tubes.

Walking to the No More Cheap Bugs party after dim sum with the best-damn dressed group in the place. ElevatorCon (fit as many people as possible into an elevator, bounce gently). Balcony pool, Keith on decks, dance dance dance with people who are fast becoming one more Tribe. I am so spoiled.

And we still have tonight and tomorrow.

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