How FEMA gets to enter an area

Currently deployed with FEMA’s innovation team (iknowright?) for #Sandy, so I’ll be brief. Lots of stuff being worked on, lots of approvals have to be gotten before it sees the light of day. But here’s a brief overview of how FEMA is able to deploy anywhere, to address some rumors and assumptions going around.


People in state and city have to even know that they can, and must, request from state. Then they have to know how. Same goes for state.

This process happens every. single. time. Want to put in a DRC? State has to request it.

Arrows are one way.

Why groups like Occupy and other localized efforts are important – these rules don’t apply to you. The info you create and the knowledge you have can be acted on.
Groups like FEMA also have historical knowledge. Some policy DOES exist for a reason, which is difficult to understand outside of context.

Last mile is the problem. Resources pushed to state, up to them where it goes.

A lot of people are saying FEMA isn’t around. Think about this – they have 900 community relations people are currently working New York and New Jersey. Out of 3500 total FEMA staff. Think about that – 900 of those are community relations, deployed, right now. They are there. But they need your help.

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