Spring is coming to Seattle (see look!) , and that means asses are in gear, and I cry at my calendar again. Now that I can not only walk but run and jump again, I have returned to Parkour, which makes me happier than I can possibly convey. Also there is hip hop bellydancing with Libby, which is a fabulous excuse to spend time with her. Our instructor goes on tangets, teaches us kung-fu, and giggles at his own movement in the mirror. Been getting schooled on Buffy with Jon, becomming surprisingly good friends with my new roommate, and blogging. There has also been the sitting and the studying with Baron, though not nearly as much as I’d like. I’m happy with my life.

The weekend after ECCC, Seattle was graced by a Matt, which involved lots of cooking, pontification, and planning (mu hu, ha ha). Can’t wait to start working on those ideas, again with people I hold dear. We are currently being graced by Ann, which is also phenomneal. I hear there will be dance fight movies tonight. Hooray! Then I go to Logansport Saturday. That next Friday Madison comes to visit for the weekend. Weekend after that I’m pushing volunteers around at SEAF (go volunteer if you haven’t already! It’s a great time and cause, and totally worth it). Weekend after that is an event Libby and I are putting on – mark your calendars for May 10th, flyers to follow sometime in the next several days. There are also, of course, normal full-time work, H+ discussion groups, and Kaleen and I just submitted to Ignite. Fingers crossed. And then later there will be Maker Faire and quite possibly ToorCamp.

Been thinking a lot about how I treat my friends, and need to actually write out an entry on it. I think I do a pretty good job, but that sometimes things just don’t work out. I have also been eating a lot of potstickers.

And a haircut: