we futurists have Gypsy Mansions, too

Yesterday after work drove down to Portland to see The Ghosts Project with Petra. It was such an amazing time that it was completely worth the trip – despite getting turned around in Tacoma, a horrifically expensive speeding ticket (he was in a Mustang, what?), and getting so lost on the way to drop P off that I just drove straight home – arriving at 7a this morning. I am not young enough to pull that sort of thing off any more. Today my body is wrecked, but I learned my lesson AND saw some awesome people (and heard amazing music).

This was my last time using my car, as it has also been sold. After I get the parking tickets and speeding ticket I’ve received since getting here I should be well on my way to stability and adulthood. I think I’m already there, but loose ends drive me nuts.

Comicon is tomorrow and Sunday, though I’m just attending tomorrow. Will be going to lunch at The Wild Ginger at 12:30, any and all are welcome to join me. Please do say hello regardless. (Awesome points: David Malaki from Wondermark! is going to be there.)