Bee Boys

So apparently the bees are disappearing. Collony Collapse Disorder. Though it’s not cell phones and Einstein never said that thing about our demise if the bees disappeared.


This is hilarious.

It’s a palendrome sort of day. I’m not even quite sure what that means.



Further reason for me never to enter non-chlorinated waters ever again:

The Mantis Shrimp

From Wiki: “They may reach 30 cm (12 in) in length, although exceptional cases of up to 38 cm have been recorded… These aggressive and typically solitary sea creatures spend most of their time hiding in rock formations or burrowing intricate passageways in the sea-bed. They either wait for prey to chance upon them or, unlike most crustaceans, actually hunt, chase and kill living prey.”

Oh, they can also break through glass. There are so many videos up on YouTube of them attacking other things I’m scared one is actually hiding in my fishtank at this point.

Oh, they also probably have the most complex vision abilities in the animal kingdom (as opposed to another kingdom..?):
“Rows 1-4 of the midband are specialised for colour vision, from ultra-violet to infra-red. The optical elements in these rows have eight different classes of visual pigments and the rhabdom is divided into three different pigmented layers (tiers), each adapted for different wavelengths. The three tiers in rows 2 and 3 are separated by colour filters (intrarhabdomal filters) that can be divided into four distinct classes, two classes in each row. It is organised like a sandwich; a tier, a colour filter of one class, a tier again, a colour filter of another class, and then a last tier. Rows 5-6 are segregated into different tiers too, but have only one class of visual pigment (a ninth class) and are specialised for polarisation vision. They can detect different planes of polarised light. A tenth class of visual pigment is found in the dorsal and ventral hemispheres of the eye.” (also from wiki)

I’ll be sobbing quietly in the bathroom if you need to find me.

Oh no wait, there are sources of water in there. I’ll be on my desk.

This weekend was full.

Started on Thursday, when Libby, Nathan, and myself went to see Paul and Mel’s band Civita. Had good conversations with all those involved, plus the door guy and a few other individuals. Yay Seattle!
Friday after work I met with Bergen at Thingamajiggr. Basically a geek gathering, with DIY tutorials and speeches. Saw presentations on racing power tools, our inability to truly multitask, and saw Dan Savage talk about how bloggers ruined the really sweet gig of weekly writing (he also made the astute comment that “sex ed” is really reproductive biology and it’s the equivalent of teaching kids about an engine before handing them the keys and calling it driver’s ed). I had a blast.
Then I walked a bit until I could find a taxi and went to Heaven to see the same group from Thursday plus Kristen, whom I hadn’t seen in a bit. Dance dance dance (and they played “Sexual Eruption,” which just cracks me up).
Saturday went to Dayde’s (Bergen’s son) birthday to help set up a bit and socialize. Then hiked over to Gasworks for my first Parkour session.

And oh my god. So much fun. So sore. Still. But so good.

I was joined in my athletic endeavors by the lovely Kaleen, who then also joined Nathan, Libby, and myself for worm and fish shopping. I now am the proud keeper of two Jack Dempseys, an electric blue African chiclid, and an albino one. They are happily swimming around, picking at each other, awaiting names.
Saturday evening took Kaleen on a date at The Wild Ginger. It was fantastic, helped in no small part by being served by my own brother and being doted on by the staff. (and by doted on I mean teased and harassed).

Sunday filmed a short 1950’s style instructional video on how to write a passive aggressive letter with the hilarious Santos. I played Little Jimmy. Yes, that’s right. Little Jimmy. I’ll let you all know when it’s up.
Later I went to a smilecore/industrial/noise house show that rocked the fucking boots off my feet. Met TacoPunch from WhiteChapel, who is a very neat person and totally gets into his sets. There was also a man dressed as a bumble bee.

Today I arrived stupidly early at work so I might leave early to participate in a wine tasting and game night held by Seamus. My life rocks so much. Hooray!