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So my mom has started etching her glass jewelry. You can see some here.

The good thing is that I’ve persuaded her to do a circuit-board print. Thing is, she doesn’t know what design to use.

So my question to you is this:
Can you please post images of your favorite circuitry patterns?
references to what the boards are for are encouraged, and line-drawings are also awesome.

Thank you. I’m excited. I know I’ll be purchasing some…

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  1. I did a quick Google image search (because I’m bored and don’t feel like working on my own stuff) and saw many, many possibilites using the terms “circuit board”, and “motherboard.” Some patterns are a lot more detailed than others and probably wouldn’t make for a good stencil, or transfer to glass, so I’m assuming you’d need a pattern that’s kind of simplified yet detailed enough to make out that the pattern is a circuit pattern of some sort.

    I saw this one and it stood out from the other images on the page because of it’s strikingly beautiful high-contrast lines and overall tonal value.

    Since the image is already high contrast it would be really easy to manipulate the pieces around in Photoshop or Illustrator (after a good Live Tracing) or just ISO(!)late the bits (and bytes Ha!) you fancy to make your own pattern.

    Also, Go Media ( sells “vector packs” of “tech shapes” here: LINK
    A sample EPS file can be downloaded here:
    It has a couple of samples from the tech shapes packs which could be fun to use, if not for the jewellery than something else at least.

  2. Sorry I missed meeting your mom at AOE because of my absence 🙁 from her website she seems like someone I would have loved to talk jewelry making techniques with.

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