The Adventures of Willow

So what’s been going on in my life? Whoa boy.

I went to Montana, which was an adventure. Seamus proposed to Anita, she said yes (!!!), I herded cattle on a 4×4 (wtf?), I witnessed the creepiest fountain ever.

But first I had a layover.

So the one hour layover in Minneapolis between Indy and Kalispell turned into a 36 hour one instead. Which meant that rather than be hiking in the Rockies with some of my favorite people in the world, I was wandering the Mall of America, occupying myself.

Tri-Omega Sleeping Space

Hello everyone!

Man, I am just into the favors these days.

July 27th’s Axis is proving to be quite the event. We have lots of people coming in from out of town and staying the night so as not to drive in any questionable conditions (drunkenness, exhaustion, plague).

While Libby and I have a fair bit of space at the DWL, we’re not sure we can get everyone on a comfortable surface. If you would care to offer space to traveling folk, or are a traveling person, please let me know so I can plot the placings of people.

Also, going to Mutiny Wednesday night. Anyone want to join me?