we can’t fight gravity on a planet that insists that love is like falling

So my schedule this week goes something like this.
M 1-9 Martins 10-6 Gas station
T 1-9 Martins 10-6 Gas station
W 1-9 Martins 10-6 Gas station
and two 8 and a half hour shifts Saturday and Sunday, I forget what time.

So instead of sleeping last night, like I should have, I have Jerry over because I know he won’t do drugs if he’s at my house. Save him. We talk about how he’s going to miss me when I leave (I seriously think that sometimes I’m the only person he stays alive for… really).
And now… instead of sleeping, I’m helping out Alicia who is having a really bad day.

Guess it’s another No-Doz week.

At least I know Corey is alive. That’s a bonus.

3 thoughts on “we can’t fight gravity on a planet that insists that love is like falling

  1. Wow, thats deep mannnn….

    It sucks when your jobs forget that you need to sleep. Its even harder to juggle in a social life too, especially when you care about the well being of your friends. One time I went to rescue Pam 5 hours before I had to go to work. Even though I almost passed out at the register, I felt good for helping a pal in need. Just remember, you can sleep when your dead. But if your friends dead, you wont sleep. Well, somthing like that.

  2. you need to try and snatch at least an hour or two, hun…
    my boyfriend works 16 hrs days every day, and if he doesnt sleept at leats a little, then he falls asleep while driving, and sometimes in MID SENTENCE or MID WALK.

    It’s not good. Try and catch at least an hour. And those no doz will fuck you up.

    • eh… I’ll catch 2 to 4 between the gas station and martin’s. i’ll be fine. no worries.

      and i’ve actually gotten good enough at dosages that i only take what i need, not enough to get wired and do the upset stomach thing.

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