would somebody please let me know if my boyfriend figure is alive?
He hasn’t accessed a computer or phone in a few days… so I’m being a dumb girl and getting worried.

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  1. erg…he wasnt at the club last night. We saw his car at his house on the way to the club though…I was planning on going to visit him today, I’ll let ya know.

      • well crap. I didn’t see Corey today. I actuall thought he may have gone to the concert we went to, but he wasn’t there. I hope you get into contact with him soon, though. Ugh, he needs to get a phone. I knoe he wants privacy, but it worries me that he may get hurt one day or something bad might happen to someone he knows, and no one will be able to get in contact with him or vice versa.

        I miss you hun…Hurry up and move here!


        • I’m working on it!

          Please try to see him at work or at home or something… I am getting really worried.

  2. Yeah, he is rather elusive. I haven’t even seen him to get that CD for you.

    btw- not dumb girl, SMART girl. Guys like it when you do the girl thing and care about their well being. : )

    One more thing- Which Enya song? Her music makes for some good trance melodies.

    • Wrong, I’m male and I hate it.

      Just kidding, really. I just felt like being a jackass. Hope everything’s otay, Willow. And come get drunk soon….well, I suppose I need to BE there to say COME and get drunk….so…go and get drunk? I’m really not too sure. I just got up….

  3. Okay, we saw him up at work. Apparently he as worked seventeen days straight and hasn’t had an opportunity to get to a computer/phone. He says he loves you, misses you and he would like to go to Cirque Du soleil with you. heh.


  4. hes alive

    this is mike. (christals mike) I saw him pushing carts the other day so yes hes alive. later

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