against all odds

So my nose is running like a little fucker, my head hurts, and my eyes are all watery. I’m sneezing more than I work.

The show we were going to is no longer on, and there’s a hurricane approaching the East coast.

Fuck it, I’m leaving for DC tomorrow at 6a when I get out of work. Gonna see Corey. Even if it kills me.

Wish me luck or something.

8 thoughts on “against all odds

  1. i doubt il see ya, at least ill know why corey has dissapepeared of the face of the earth…

    youre picking a shitty time. if u can, bring some water or something. its gonn abe a fuckin doozy.

    i have the frankenberry at my hiouse. if u call me, ill swim it over to corey’s house ;D

  2. audrey says

    don’t get washed into the ocean! dammit. i’m sorry i might have quite possibly given you a cold. or given someone the cold to give to you. or. introduced you to someone who has the cold who gave it to you. ehm. either way. hugs and loves, i’ll miss you. when you get back, i’ll have new tattoos. hopefully.

    • Re: audrey says


      I’ll be at the gas station Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Come love on me. I have fun stuff to tell you.

    • the power did go out… but… people were making a big deal about the winds and stuff. the water was scary, but you people don’t know jack about wind. Try being around a torado once.

    • Re: I lurv ya like McApple Pie

      I don’t know really… imagine being really raw in that special place that gets warm when you think about me, and then try running, i guess.

      I MISS YOU!!

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