So PA hates me. That was the only bad thing about this trip. I got turned around on the FUCKING turn-pike of DOOM. Went 100 ish miles in the wrong direction before I could get turned around. A nine-hour drive took me 12 hours, and then I arrived, shaking, sickly, and sleep deprived, not on my family’s doorstep, but a couple towns away, called up, and said “come get me.”
And they did.

And the weekend rocked.

Fun stories, good bonding experiences, and three nights of the best sleep I ever get next to Corey (except for the beepings made by my cousin David’s slew of electronics).

One of the highlights:
At the end of the trip, my cuz pulled out a voice thing to record something (such the techie), and I swear Corey almost humped him. He hugged him, saying “YOU ARE THE COOLEST!” and I saw the leg almost come up. It was hilarious.

And Drake, their kid… has… more…engergy than should be legally allowed for safety reasons. We were going to hook him up to a generator and have him run around. Christ.

The sushi rocked.

And I am less… tense than I have been in quite some time.

6 thoughts on “insatiable

  1. hey love

    i miss you!!
    life is going alright, michigan hasnt changed much since i left. hope life is going well with you, I love you!!
    come visit me 🙂

  2. audrey says:

    You are alot less tense. i can tell. wooty woo. i’m gonna go see you in like 5 mins.. <3 you.

  3. ::tee hee hee hee::

    less tense..yes, i can see the “tenseness released” from your VA counterpart. ::grins::

    ::pats willow on the back:: Good job, good job.

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