This is me being subtly1 freaked out about life.

My car’s front routers went *crunch* and will now require several hundred dollars in order to be functional.2

My first test is on Thursday for a class that I really enjoy and really want to do well in. This class is also just a bit challenging.

This is me toeing the water and thinking of fishies with teeth before jumping in feet first.3

This is me requesting that you all tell me how much you’re looking forward to actually attending tonight so I don’t continue singing the Doom Song4 in my head.5

This is also me being good. Tonight I dance. Cleans everything. It’s like detox for the soul. Only without that weird after-taste.

Thanks for the Lecture6 this morning, Libby7.

1. Sarcasm
2. fuck.
3. Oh shit.
4. Doom doom doomdoom doom dooooooomm
6. Of the “quit being retarded” sort
7. Best Room-mate. Ever.

9 thoughts on “subtle

  1. i’m totally looking forward to actually attending!

    (even if it’s just the early shift, since i have to be at work at 7:30 in the morning…)

  2. I can’t friggin’ wait. Been looking forward to this for weeks now. I’ve never dressed ‘industrial’ per se at a club before. I’ll bring my goggles, even though I’m more likely to be wearing plastic safety glasses, a bouffant cap, and a lab coat in the industry I actually work in…

  3. This is me and yes, I will be actually attending tonight too! Also I’m on the early shift as I need to be up the next morning – but I’ll be there in all my pseudo-goth Hello Kitty glory. 🙂 *pets you* Here’s my latest stress mantra, perhaps it would also help you?

    Repeat as needed:
    It’s ok, just do your(my) yoga, get some sleep and have some dinner. *deep breath* *Pet some kitties* *Do some yoga* *remember to unclench jaw.*

  4. You’re welcome to my lectures anytime. Seriously…don’t make me put down this toast and smack you. I am willing to pontificate at the drop of a (dickens top) hat, you know that.

    I’m rather surprised you think I’m the Best Room-mate. Ever. but that’s very flattering and I’m pleased.

    Don’t do anything retarded today or I will kick you. 😀 But if you’re good, I promise I’ll dance with you instead. Like whoa.

    Dance = detox…YES.

  5. It’ll be all right, miss Willow. Just remember to take deep breaths as needed.

    I’m going to be at the Evil, and I’m bringing a posse.

  6. I hope tonight goes well so it can continue, and then I’ll be able to go!!!!!

    Good luck on your test. I had my first one today, and I think I did well. And if I can do well, I KNOW you will do fantabulously.

    PS-I saw that picture on the bulletin on myspace…HOT!

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