Damage Report

The first two toes on each foot are bruised under the nails.

The middle toe of my left foot is bleeding.

There are at least 3 blisters on each foot.

My ankle tendons pop with each step.

I apparently smoked at least 2.5 thousand cloves last night.

This is all, of course, amazingly good.

Turn out was awesome. People are gorgeous. The Belly Dancing was awesome.

Happy Birthday Adam, and thanks to all the people that helped out in this.

I would link to you all, but I do have a bit of a hangover so it’s just not going to work. You’re in my thoughts. And maybe a later post. But love, yes?

Let’s do it again sometime, yeah?

18 thoughts on “Damage Report

  1. Yeah, bitch. My hipbones are feelin’ it. It’s a good thing I don’t have The Button.

    Let’s definitely talk about doing this again! Like whoa!

    Thank you.

    • You obviously didn’t drink and dance enough then!

      I guess we’ll just have to try this again, so you can get it right, huh?

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