Paul: “uh, Willow, your geek is hanging out.”
Me: “sorry about that. Let me tuck it back.”
Paul: “tape that shit up.”
Me: *blink*
Paul: “That’s why you shave it.”
Me: “So true.”

I love it when friends drink.

Thanks to Jeremy and Jarrett for flyering the fuck out of Bloomington.
Thanks to Greg for a fantastic opening set, to Paul and Adam for covering time beautifully, and to Libby for being prepared to do the same.
Extra thanks to
Libby for making the flyers and for keeping me sane. Additional extra thanks to Jeremy for dinner, driving, and general bits of sanity.

Also, thank you to Vivian for showing some leg, Chris for wearing a HOT fucking jacket, Sarah for having some fucking balls (and a lot of electrical tape) (and boots), Petra for having her priorities straight, Jason for being so charming and a good sport, Daniel for being enthusiastic and just awesome in general, Anne and Molly for shook-ah-ing, David (and his mates) for coming down from Indy, Fetha for making an appearance and dancing for me, Garren for looking absolutely Mad (if you know what I mean), Brian for tolerating the crowd (I hope you enjoyed yourself as well), Jeana for shaking those tail feathers, Heather for… well… you’re just hot, and Corey for scooting with me. Also, thanks to the gentleman in the leather buckle corset. No, I mean it. *ahem* from the bottom of my pants heart. Thanks to the new kid in the Tribal Pura shirt

Did I forget anyone? I’m really sorry if I did, but I’ve been up for awhile now. Wheee!

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  1. The kid in the Tribal:Pura shirt fucking made my night. OMG. That guy, the guy in the leather jacket, the guy in my hairpiece and corset, and the wonderful guy I DJ with. And everyone else too. [/equal opportunity ass-kissing]

  2. Glad it was a good night! had fun!
    there will be more i trust!

    The corset/googles/hairpiece is Kevin, better known as .
    The ‘new kid’ is our friend Mike. LH handle
    , who had just flown in that day from Oregon for his spring break!

    pimpin hard for you all as always!

  3. I am, as others have said, the afformentioned ‘kid in Tribal Pura shirt.’ My gothification and outfit is courtesy of and .

    I was super-happy to have gotten the chance to dance my heart out. It was a great way to start my visit back to town. I wish that I could make the AoE events more frequently.

    It was good to meet you, and keep up the rockitude.

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