Another Balderdash Game

Well, Saturday was *cough* interesting.

Tribal Pura was fantastic. Afterwards, Corey, Paul, Libby, Jeremy, and I went through two bottles of wine and a bottle of the new soy vodka. We filled up well over a page in the Book of Whore (where we now keep the quotes) and… listened to classical music on vinyl. Among other things. Lots of quarters were dropped. *cough* Peta, rest his soul, decided that being a Luck Dragon was not enough and so hung himself from the kitchen overhead lamp. He remained there until Sunday.

Sunday was a day of relaxation. Tried to write a paper. Got to see V early on. Watched Ghost in the Shell and drank tea with Jeremy. In the evening time, Vivian came over (yay! Twice in one day!) along with Chris and Chess.

wowser: a delicious pork cutlet. Hell, it’s only the warmup round
blattnerphone: a phone given to blacks back during the ‘seperate but equal’ days, only works on Tuesdays.
James Bond’s specialized secret phone which is installed in his bladder and accessed by peeing. Later removed for terrible reception.
bhang: Sanskrit term for a gang-fuck
pronounced “bah-ang” a kind of sex act performed in India, involving a small village, a tiger, and the monkey god Hanama
titbo: from the makers of bo flex, to work out the titties
xylophage: the famous xylophone serial killer of turn of the century Boise, Idaho
It eats it. you like it. Admit it.
hypopnea: I bit off my tongue for lack of a spoon. It was very sad.
menticide: a misspelling of “minticide,” the massacering of entire families of mint beings.
murderer of freshmakerstm. The bastards. Don’t they realize how much we all need a little freshness in our troubled lives?
slobgobllion: the gnomes that steal your socks out of your sock drawer but are too lazy to take it back to the tribe, and so leave said socks on your floor
philocubist: a person who wants to fuck cubists
one of a school of bad imitators of Picasso who only painted on bread
curtilage: the condition of being too preoccupied with the smell of pasta and the sound of music to write a coherent definition
ascob: the Southern tradition of sending off a soldier with an ear of corn in his rectum
an invention in the 40’s for eating corn where you only need one handle to eat… cuz the other end is in an ass
cockass what?
ronion: an ion charged to the frequency where it seems to say “roooonnnn… rooooonnnnn”
a medical condition similar to bunions, but which is characterized by massive diarrhea
coom: to reach orgasm as experienced by those with Excessive Vowel Syndrome
The pronounciation of the word “come” as it is uttered in German pornography. As in “coom here.”
Argillo: Are bloody not, and I don’t see why your kind of person keeps insisting that they are. We have laws against that sort of thing here, you know.
an arglye sock design inspired by MC Esher with armadillos that morph into toasters
riprap: Krang’s twin borther, killed at birth
Richard O’Brien’s speech-impaired, non-incestuous but much fatter younger brother
rinderpest: Irritating aspects of Microsoft Word. Fuck it.
zygal: a plague that kills seagulls, Eli Lilly is working on a pill.
furbellows: Derisive term the hairless race of vole-men uses to describe humans who do not entirely shave their naughty sections
a bellow made out of Mr. Peta over there
Bibby: Libby’s little sister
the role-playing position enacted by the submissive partner of an extreme pedophile
of or having the quality of a drapery for catching particles of foodstuffs. (pst! it’s me!)
bumicky: how whores in New Jersey refer to how their ass feels when sitting ina cab, after a gig
histrixite: the disease the Trix Rabbit has which causes an insatiable desire for sugary cereal
a stone made of a thick layer of cats, crystalized and condensed over 10’s of 1,000’s of years
feminist historical revisionist
haruspex: An eldrich and mysterious globe through which one can view the mind-numbing horrors of a race of cone-shaped beings, which will inevitably drive one mad. Rather like the internet.
lollybanger: someone who’s REALLY into the lollipop guild, the lollipop guild
the munchkin gang that would beat up on the ‘Lollypop Gang’

I start a new class tomorrow.

I’m going home for break.

I miss my brother.

Everyone is breaking down, it seems.

8 thoughts on “Another Balderdash Game

  1. just the opposite i think. everyone is starting over. i had a great time saturday night with everyone+you. hopefully that can happen over and over and over.

  2. Breaking down can be viewed as the first stage of starting over. One has to destroy in order to rebuild. One just has to try to remember not to BE destroyed at the same time. One also has to try not to destroy one’s place of employment. This will be REALLY REALLY HARD tomorrow.

    Last night I cracked up in the middle of my sewing trying to remember what I’d defined as “I bit off my tongue for lack of a spoon. It was very sad.” I love Balderdash. That must happen again. It saves my soul from some very dark places.

    And thank you for feeding me. It makes my heart squishy and warm, and my stomach squishy and full. Thanks for everything yesterday, in fact.

    • Actually, at the above-mentioned definition I announced that I was apparently moving into your definey sphere, and I still have “damn near spizzer-killed ‘im” on my wall. Fear not. Though I think you and Chess need to both be in a Balderdash game at some point.

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