I love it here.

This city is alive, like no other city I’ve ever been to. It seems like the cities on the East Coast are stuck on keeping up with technology and getting shit done and business business business. Chicago is a working city, which I love, but it’s still business. Seattle is.. well, it’s amazing.
There are parks everywhere, and people use the parks. If you’re playing frisbee passers by will catch it and throw it back to you, and sometimes just join in the game. Every dog you see is friendly (and cleaned up after) and people carry treats in their pockets. There are trees EVERYWHERE, and plants on every balcony. People are using the latest in tech and stuff they’ve made on their own. There are genetics labs and beautiful architecture and amazing design for everything. Wine tastings SOMEWHERE every day.

I’ll talk more about it when I get home, but here’s what we did last night, just for a taste.

Seamus’ friend Matt rents out half of an old ware-house. It’s HUGE inside, but we didn’t spend any time inside. We made a long fire-pit out of cinder blocks and dumped a bag and a half of coal into it. While the coals heated up for our kabobs, we poured ourselves glasses of wine and went out onto the docks to watch the sunset. Talked about random things while our food cooked, the brought out chairs and blankets. Matt used his projector on the side of his building (we’re talking at least as big as a theater screen) and watched Goonies. Afterwards we played some frisbee, roasted marshmallows, and made shadow puppets on the screen (which is even funnier as you can see it from the highway bridge nearby and we were doing some really questionable things with our puppets).

Talk about The Life. Today I think we’re going to the aquarium.

8 thoughts on “Seattle

  1. You always struck me as a west coast girl. It’s like that Underworld song.

    “Everything’s going west, nothing’s going east. Straighten.”

    I had a similar experience in Vancouver. Very well designed city. VERY green. Very tech friendly.

  2. Sounds like you love Seattle like I love New Orleans…

    I love you Ms. Willow, I hope you’re doing well…

    hugs and love from EST


    • Oh yes! I got video of it. I was squeeing so much. And someone was flying a kite. And it was beautiful.

      Once my brother sends me the video I’ll post it here.

  3. Gah! Woke up from my computer and it’s 11 oclock. Perhaps too late to call. What are you up to this week? Dinner must be consumed, somewhere tasty.

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