aaaah! : in good ways and bad ways

First the good “aaaah!” :
Z’EV is playing at Axis tonight. I’m really looking forward to this.

Z’EV is an American avant-garde performance artist and percussionist who has been performing and recording music since the ’60s. While he is somewhat lesser known than the famed old-school industrial acts like Throbbing Gristle, SPK, Monte Cazazza, etc. who were his contemporaries, he is nonetheless a HIGHLY prolific and influential figure both in and beyond the genre, and a stunning performer to boot. He is well known for his own custom sculptures of metal, titanium and PVC plastics which he uses as instruments, and his music/performances could be described as a incorporating a spiritual hybrid of industrial, no wave/punk, dance, ambient, and jazz sensibilities. The guy absolutely must be seen to be believed, and we are extremely fortunate and proud to have him at Axis Of Evil.

And the bad way:

That’s not therapy, that’s torture, you fools!

3 thoughts on “aaaah! : in good ways and bad ways

  1. looks awesome. wish i was two states to the right. hope it all goes swimmingly, er, stoppingly tonight. i really must try to make another visit that coincides with axis.

    and you’re still peachy.

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