3 Steampunks and a Futurist in a car for 2.5 hours..

Libby, the amazing woman who has always been a dear friend and has the patience of a Galapagos Tortoise to have been my roommate at one point, is putting on an artshow with the lovely Miss Porkshanks.

I had the pleasure of being in a shoot done by Libby and Magpie just over a week ago, and some of the shots are under the cut.

Magpie does awesome collages. These will be h00ge at the show. I’m really excited to see them in person.

And Libby works her wonders, which while I’m no longer surprised about, I’m always in awe. The place was magical, and she captured it while also leaving it even better than when we found it.

I cannot convey how awesome this show will be as I suck with the words and the cohesiveness and such. But. Just look at the artists who will be showing their stuff. All are incredibly gifted. So come! Drink! Socialize! Theorize about the future of Steampunk and the DIY movements. What do they mean to you?

15 thoughts on “3 Steampunks and a Futurist in a car for 2.5 hours..

  1. We’ve got a wedding to go to that evening, but it’s nearby so we’re hoping to catch the tail end of the opening or at least show up for any ensuing debauchery 🙂

    How’s that for an awesome run-on sentence? hehe

  2. This looks very cool. I wish I was on the west coast to give everyone involved a birthday cake shaped like a mobieus belt with a cat head.

  3. Hey willow-p, have you read any of the works of Terry Pratchett? Like Going Postal? It’s one of my all time favorite books. Techno-anachronistic – and funny!

    • That’s what I hear. His stuff is on my list, and I’ve read the comic-book adaptations of some stuff, but no actual books yet. Give it time.

      Hope to see you there!

  4. best title evar!

    unless it was: anarchytechnofetishism.

    that’s what DIY and punk mean to me. whatever the fuck i happen to be feeling.

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