need. more. brainfuel.

What podcasts do you all listen to? While I’m gobbling up knowledge at a good rate, I need to branch out a bit more in where I’m getting it from.

Visited by the lovely Rain and Adam yesterday, directly following a visit from the awesometastic Matt. Much fun was had, which I’m sure I’ll tell you all about at some point. Also an absurd about of synchronicity, including that these people were visiting so close to the same time without knowing it. It’s a somewhat involved and not terribly interesting story so I won’t inflict you all with it. (a story of the sort I would end with “and then I found five dollars!” in order to legitimizing the telling).

I’ve been stewing in my own brain meats maybe a bit too much lately. I think the mirror for self-reflection has a magnifier for doubt on it or something. Thank god for bubble baths and self-induced hiatuses. You are now returned to your regularly scheduled Rad Willow.

8 thoughts on “need. more. brainfuel.

  1. Bill Moyers Journal
    Democracy Now!
    Free Speech Radio News
    Podrunner–amazing, free, BPM-driven, DJ’d beats for workouts

    I love podcasts! What do you listen to??

  2. My favorite is Lime & Violet, which is ostensibly a knitting podcast but is really more like hanging out with my friends in all their sarcastic, silly, and wrong-headed glory. Complete with stories about frozen llamas in dumpsters, fending off scary peeps at goth club nights, and assorted things Cthulhu.

    I’ve also been getting into the Celtic Myth Podshow. All things Celtic myth-related, and they’re working their way through the Irish myth sources, radio drama-style. Fun stuff. For a specifically druidic bent, I also listen to Tribeways (ADF’s podcast) and Druidcast (OBOD’s podcast.)

    I catch up with This American Life on podcast since I only catch it on the radio about half the time.

    I’ve been getting into A Darker Side of Pagan, which is a music podshow that’s all gothy/darkwave pagan-relevant music. There’s been some good stuff in there (the last few have included Ego Likeness, Sigur Ros, and Mediaeval Baebes– yay!)

    For something a little spicier, I’m also a fan of Open Source Sex. The podcast episodes that get updated on iTunes seem to be just the more educational/informational ones; she also does quite a bit of actual erotica, but I find I have to go directly to her site for that.

    I’ve subscribed to Podrunner as well for my attempts at yogging; but I don’t really listen to that one for the music itself, just for the bpm and vocal cues.

    I also love to go to and just browse around for stuff to try. Free podiobooks! The quality is hit and miss, but there’s been some really good stuff in there. (I recommend Mur Lafferty’s Heaven series.)

  3. The Moth is quite nice– people telling true life stories. Not too long, but completely engrossing.

    I second This American Life and Open Source Sex. In Bed with Susie Bright is also killer, but that’s a pay ‘cast.

    For interesting fact-based speculative frothings about history, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is extremely entertaining, if occasionally a bit light on substance (he likes to digress.)

    Hilarity with news can be had with NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!.

    Good luck escaping the bubbling maelstrom of brainmeats. 8)

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