I’m sorry, is my geek showing?

Matt, this one’s for you buddy.

Because it would totally work on me.

Also bought Comic Book Tattoo today (last copy in that shop. Maybe the last copy in Seattle. Maybe that’s just me being pretentious), slightly against my better judgment. Conversation went a bit like this (recreated by several hours and cups of coffee):
me: “oh! CBT! oh but I shouldn’t.”
Nathan: “why the hell not?”
me: “well, it’s ok and all, but it’s not something I’m completing right now, and they’re kind of hard to come by. I’m sure someone else would be way happier to find it.”
Nathan: “but if you don’t get it then the next person that sees it will buy it, put it in a bag inside a box and never read it. with you it would be loved.”
me: “yes but”
Nathan: “or someone who’s really into it will find it, love the crap out of it, but then leave it at home one day and it will be destroyed in a house fire.”
me: “aw man.”
Nathan: “so see you have to get it.”
me: “are we talking about a comic or a puppy? yeah, ok.”

My friends are so rad.

7 thoughts on “I’m sorry, is my geek showing?

  1. <3<3<3

    Just yay. Get me in a conversation sometime about whether the option of there being a smallest particle(/s) of matter, or not, is more of a mind-blowing idea. Meta-idea, somewhat, because it gets you thinking about the limits of ideas. Same goes for “which is more awe-inspiring: the idea that we’re alone in the universe, or the idea that we’re not?”

    Also I completely want to check out Comic Book Tattoo.

    I’ve seen your geek before. It’s pretty nice. 😀

    • I like seeing exposed geek, it is hot. And yes, if someone started saying stuff like this to me, it would probably work.

      P.S. I don’t like the idea of matter not being discrete (having a “smallest” particle) because if it doesn’t the Church/Turing Hypothesis goes out the window.

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