Here’s the thing about travel. Eventually, everything blends together. Everyone is a variation of an archetype (myself included). As a sociologist, I start doing pattern recognition – quanitative view with qualitative exceptions. Everyone is an individual, but upon established patterns. Surprises still exist, but the majority of the world is fascinatingly predictable.

Similarly, each city and town has its own food specialty, its own vibe, its own layout – but after awhile, it’s just plane-bus/cab-venue-crashspace-plane-etc. I start to operate with 12-hour blinders on, oblivious to anything my phone hasn’t notified me of.

Then I get to return home. My cat is upset with me (or just had a hairball. ok, it was both), my friends are thrilled but distant, my Partner fragile and tender. Jigsaw is running, although needing some focus. Things have progressed, but I haven’t been a part of it. I’m looking into a world which has evolved outside of me.

Which is my way of saying – I have a couple more stops, then I’ll be glad to be home. PDX today, SEA Sunday, LAX Monday, MKE Wednesday (Tuesday and Thursday dedicated primarily to travel). Then I get to sit on the floor with my cat for as long as I want. Get to nuzzle a Levi, dance with my Tribe, take a shower without fear of timing or line-up.

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