soliciting feedback

I need some feedback.

There are a lot of awesome things in my life. Va-Va-Vroom, Jigsaw, this national federation of spaces we’ve been working on for about a year now… not to mention all the lovely people who are around as well. I’ve been lacking a job, but my spirit and brain have been fully engaged.

So when this opportunity to work with GWOBorg came up, I jumped at it. A chance to tour all these spaces I’ve become enamored with expenses paid, plus a bit extra towards my rent? Yes please! It was a grueling effort, but lots of steps towards both GWOBorg stuff as well as towards furthering the federation stuff.

The issue comes in here: it’s supported by a corporation, and it’s all about “saving the world”. Which is a nobel effort, but it detracts from my ability to focus on the here-and-now .. which we’re doing exceedingly well at. So well, in fact, that we (Jigsaw specifically) got mentioned by the White House.

But. It pays the bills, and gets me places. So do I keep it up?

One thought on “soliciting feedback

  1. I think you should keep it up, yes. It is allowing you to better able take care of yourself and your personal needs… which in turn allows you to better take care of that which is near and dear to your heart – in the here and now!

    I’m always here if you need a shoulder, an ear or some well-meaning advice! *hugs*

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