Post Geographic

So life is crazy as always (see, I even added a page with my schedule so you can see the horror).

I’m currently in MKE prepping for The School Factory reignition. Geeks Without Bounds has a huge thing in the works, and we’ve been learning lots during events by interacting with Crisis Commons and other volunteers). My brother is moving to San Francisco. And I am no longer director of the Jigsaw after April 17th. It needs space to grow, and my other endeavors are 1) national / global and/or 2) paid and/or 3) have enthusiastic help.

That means I’m post-geographic. My work not only doesn’t require me to be in one place, it requires I be all over the place. The person I care most about in the world now lives away from my home of Seattle. But the other people I care about most in the world live in Seattle.

I’m seriously looking at what “Home” means. I love my friends, I love my life in Seattle. But I can suddenly travel so much more… It’s like being in a poly relationship after being in monogamous ones.. when you didn’t go out on dates with other people because you couldn’t, based on the relationship you had agreed on. In poly, you have to decide if you want to or not.

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