A weekend of adventures

Embarked on a 5 hour road trip with someone I’m really enjoying getting to know.

Slept in a deflation-prone giant boob. Woke in the middle of the night to it 2 feet from my face, scrambling to turn on the fans and prop it up.

Saw Unwoman play her electric cello with only mountains and desert behind her.

Sat in the pseudo-shade while Jerk Church occurred around me, them with “this machine kills dubstep” and tiny dog on lap.

Walked barefoot on the softest sometimes-lake. Ran into the night.

Remembered that not every problem that other people have is mine to fix.

Napped in the shade while my camp shot a huge cross section of guns. Got to know people with orange hair, and purple, and red.

Wrote this while sitting in the Reno airport, stinky from the Playa, being oggled by gamblers, browsing Reddit.

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