the weekend

So tonight I’m spending with friends.
Tomorrow (Friday) is the Transhumanist meeting at the Spoon
Saturday is Preston’s dinner party at 5 at Trulli (all are welcome) and games at Spoon at 8
Sunday night is Axis meeting. Whee!

Actually got some sleep last night. That’s exciting and new.
You give up a whole third of your day to sleep. A THIRD

H+ meeting

This Friday at 7:30 at the Spoon.

Chicago was great. I’m exhausted but I had such a good time. Saw old friends, spent some time with new ones, saw Stars again. People are getting married and buying houses left and right. I still feel like I’m too young for my good friends to be going through this process. Guess I’ll just have to get over it. Also went to Intelligentsia Coffee and am in love. I mean, I work at the flippin’ Spoon, and that’s how good this coffee was. Whoa boy.


Ok, kids. If you want to know about future Transhumanism meetings, please sign up for the mailing list. Other than this entry and my G-Chat status day of, I won’t be reminding people any other way.

September 28th at 7p at Spoon: Ethics of Use (passing genes onto children, “cheating,” etc)

for those who are expressing interest..

From Shawn, the person who organizes the events:

Our meetings usually run in this manner: A presentation to the group for about 45 minutes to one hour and then we take a 10 minute break and return for a period of questions and answers and comments. All together if we start about 2pm (not the set time yet, I will let you know what time specifically we will get started when I check the room calendar next week), then it will wrap up around 3:45 at the latest.

Our website is We usually have about 20 – 30 members show up at our meetings.

The meeting will take place at the Vernon Manor Hotel in Clifton. It is on 400 Oak Street in Cincinnati, OH 45219 (if you want to get directions.) The easiest way from Bloomington is to go East until you get to I-74 towards Cincinnati. I-74 will end at 75 and take I-75 South. Then the first exit on 75 is Hopple St. Turn left off of the exit and continue straight up the hill and Hopple Street will turn into Martin Luther King. Continue for about a mile and then turn right at Burnet Ave (there is a United Dairy Farmers on the corner). Continue up about 3 blocks and then turn left onto Oak Street and the hotel is on the corner.”

Please let me verify that it is ok that non-members attend. I will let you know if it is NOT ok. Otherwise assume that it is.

It would be great to have such support.


My speech on Transhumanism is really coming together.

My honors thesis is also coming together.

My other classes are suffering a bit, but there is only time in the day for so much.

This will be my present to myself after I pwn this semester.