Star Trek opening day

So in order to keep sane (or at least prevent even more insanity), the upstairs lawyers and I do post-it note jokes on the coffee pots. Usually has something to do with the day. Today’s:

The Easter Egg, found elsewhere in the same kitchen, which refers to why the Captain wouldn’t notice:

The follow-up note posted by one of the attorneys, and my response:

No, most of them didn’t get it. But it’s for my own giggling purposes, thankyouverymuch.

So excited to see the movie tonight! I know there’s no Picard, but it’s a start.

what is best in life?

You know it’s going to be a good day when, after realizing your coffee has run out the guy makes you an Americano which is mostly espresso. *DING*I’MAWAKEYESYESHELLO. Hi.

So I’ve spent the week in the company of Magpie, David, Libby, Molly, Nathan, Kristen, and Cristobat. We’ve been hanging stuff for Anachrotechnofetishism. Perching on ladders, hitting things with hammers, dropping staple guns (sorry guys), posting flyers (“that is the longest damn word I’ve ever seen”), calling people, sending e-mails, herding cats, eating amazing food, having lots of conversations, spray painting Buddy the Torso in back alleyways of questionable repute. It’s been great to be surrounded by such competent and passionate people, and I’m glad to be able to help them out (I’m a helper!). But by last night, we were fried. David and Libby had been shouting “CONAN! WHAT IS BEST IN LIFE?” at random moments throughout the week. But, given my general lack of pop culture knowledge, I didn’t really get it.

After we had finished up at the gallery, we meandered up Pike, plastered flyers in our wake. We picked up the fixin’s for David-made corn dogs (from scratch. zomg. And jalapeno relish). We picked up juice. A very lovely bottle of tequila. And Conan. Both of them.

he’s oiled up and ready to go, ladies and gents. he’s also a governor!

I still do not have a firm grasp of the plot. In fact, I’m not sure there is one. But there were lots of mostly naked chicks (“so wait, he covers her up and then rapes her?! That makes no sense!”), swords, and snakes. I’m still not sure wtf is up with the snakes.
It was not the booze that kept distracting me from the plot, as many might assume. No, it was the semi-constant feminist discussion that Magpie and David were having (“Conan ’bout to get some! Would you two watch for a minute?” “…so I think feminism on the East Coast is different than out here because..” “GUYS! REALLY!”). Also the pauses for smoke breaks (which I did not partake in), hair fixing, and musical interludes. And Venn Diagrams and Scattergrams, of course. I mean really.

I suppose the end point is that life is rad and you all should come to the art show tonight. There will be chocolate and tea and pretty people and music and I hear there’s even neat-o art. So yes. Kbye. (coffee.)

coffee love

So I’m in this pretty rad coffee shop right now, called Cherry Street Coffee House, reading The Ontology of Cyberspace with Seamus (my brother), who is studying the history of morphine. A bus full of clowns just drove by. It’s that sort of morning.

I will now regale you with two stories from interactions with the devastatingly cute barista (who is wearing a Prince shirt) because I’m in story telling mode and I know you won’t read it unless your middle finger is so worn out from people “merging” in Seattle traffic that you can’t operate your scroll wheel.

DCB: “would you like room for cream?”
me: “blasphamy!”
DCB: “for the sake of the cow?”
me: “oh no, fuck the cow, for the sake of the coffee!”

Seamus then essentially ordered a lot of espresso with a bit of milk. They do a lot of latte art here, and it came out looking like this:

Seamus: “what is it?”
DCB: “a latte!”
Seamus: “..”
DCB: “oh! Um… it’s a.. it’s a flower, see, with some bees and fireworks.”
Seamus: “Awesome. I like to know what things are before I destroy them.”

Life is good. I’ve been thinking a lot about networks and group versus individual blogging. How to define things online. While I hate defining things, it’s necessary when explaining things to others and also when constructing systems of dealing with all the ideas we have being fractured and built upon online. It’s so cool. I’ll likely start pontificating more on such things on here soon. Maybe I should create a geek filter for the sake of humanity.

bad jokes for bad coffee

To help maintain sanity, I have a joke exchange going on with the cool lawyers upstairs which takes place in the form of sticky notes on the coffee. I initally won them over with tales of pureed unicorns and gnomes, but lost them when I did a comic-style layout of the regular and decaf arguing over Trek v. Wars. I know, I know, way into geek waters. It’s been a slight battle to get their attention again (I’d rather fight these mini epic battles than worry about “actual” office drama).
Here is an example from a Wednesday past. I’m blue, clearly, and the two other participants are green and red.


Or without the clogged sinuses, wet.
Actually, it’s bwack

Which is pretty funny.

But today. Today I am particullarly pleased with myself.
Thur jokes are good

Behind every good joke is a strong coffee

I know my humor is retarded. But it’s spatial! And that makes it rad.

H+ meeting

This Friday at 7:30 at the Spoon.

Chicago was great. I’m exhausted but I had such a good time. Saw old friends, spent some time with new ones, saw Stars again. People are getting married and buying houses left and right. I still feel like I’m too young for my good friends to be going through this process. Guess I’ll just have to get over it. Also went to Intelligentsia Coffee and am in love. I mean, I work at the flippin’ Spoon, and that’s how good this coffee was. Whoa boy.