My life is amazingly spoiled, and it’s due in large part to the people in it. It’s nice to have a day on which I can be explicitly thankful. In very rough chronological order, here is a start. (It was kind of fun to try to remember when I had met people, given they are such threads in the tapestry of my life – I didn’t use a calendar. Perhaps later I’ll go back and try).

For my parents, whose methods for raising me have bordered on creepy in how thoughtful they are, but always functional.

For my brother, who has taught me what unconditional love is.

For my sister, and the closeness we’ve shared even when we are far away.

For my aunt Christie, who has been more generous than any niece deserves.

For Diz and Caleb, who hug so hard they shake.

For Libby, who has provided balance to my crazy as I learned to do so on my own.

For Vivian, who really does have the most beautiful snakes.

For Cbat, for providing insights and a home.

For Sougwen, for cigarettes on the walk home and hidden stories.

For Petra, a constant point of bright light, even when so far away.

For Grace, who has always made me think of entirely new things.

For Noah, who has been a provider and subtle heart.

For Preston, and going dancing.

For Magpie, who has taught me about nuance and long term plans.

For my sister in law, who has made my brother a better person.

For Ben, and making time for lunch.

For Qais, who has never judged me.

For Baron, who has become a corner stone in my life.

For Janine, who has always been easy to be around.

For 3ric, who always pushes me to be better.

For Ella, an ally, friend, and cohort.

For Rob, who has always been kind and open without having expectations.

For Sirus, for always being there.

For Beth, who has given me a long-view.

For Kav, who has taught me it is useful to ask for what you want.

For Jordan, sharing frustrations and a way to make things better.

For James, teaching me the tools I use to express myself.

For Sean, who has given so much back with such gentleness.

For MerBear, my partner in crime (and best wifey).

For Raine, and teaching me that beautiful friendships can come out of awful situations.

For Fabienne and Skytee, who have always been more welcoming than I know what to do with.

For Riley, who has constantly urged me to examine my assumptions and be better.

For M@, who held my hand even while I hurt him.

For Strand, and the absurd amount of patience you have had with me.

For Robin, whose unabashed warmth has made me more kind.

For Levi, who taught me humanity.

For Case, my partner in brains and bots.

For Eric, and his unblinking support.

For Jenbot, for washing my hair.

For Sunny, who has given so freely of herself I can’t imagine not doing the same.

For Meredith, who challenges and fights and utterly inspires.

For Lindsay, who has made expressing thoughts safe and easier.

For Diggz, who took a risk on a very strange bet, and believed in me even when it seemed not so good.

For John, giving shape and meaning to my skills.

For Tendy, for including me and handing me a light in dark times.

For Schuyler, and your unabashed geek about the skies.

For Rubin, and our shared sense of quiet desperation (and your hidden joy).

For Mark, who taught me it’s necessary to be a monkey.

For Isis, and making birthday pan-cakes.

For Lisha, who has been a solid baseline of engagement.

For Estee, who teaches me about how brains and hearts and the world are deeply connected.

For Heather, and unwavering support.

For Christina, who has more emotional intelligence than anyone I’ve ever met.

For Galit, the best of kittens.

For SJ, who has made safe space.

For Desi, who stuck her neck out.


For the Jigsaw crew, who has taught me to keep caring.

For all the people who have let me stay on their couches, making my travels that of home-to-home rather than vagabond.

For the Saturday Morning Cartoons crew, for teaching me what Home is.

For the Ardent crew, for your brains and your rants and your art and most of all.. your elevator shaft.

For the Awesummit crew, who taught me maybe we can win.

For the Boston crew, for reminding me that amazing people are behind all my favorite projects.

For the Aspiration crew, who made it ok to be as opinionated as I am.


I apologize if I have missed you – and would like the opportunity to express my thankfulness for you if you’ll just let me know.