coffee love

So I’m in this pretty rad coffee shop right now, called Cherry Street Coffee House, reading The Ontology of Cyberspace with Seamus (my brother), who is studying the history of morphine. A bus full of clowns just drove by. It’s that sort of morning.

I will now regale you with two stories from interactions with the devastatingly cute barista (who is wearing a Prince shirt) because I’m in story telling mode and I know you won’t read it unless your middle finger is so worn out from people “merging” in Seattle traffic that you can’t operate your scroll wheel.

DCB: “would you like room for cream?”
me: “blasphamy!”
DCB: “for the sake of the cow?”
me: “oh no, fuck the cow, for the sake of the coffee!”

Seamus then essentially ordered a lot of espresso with a bit of milk. They do a lot of latte art here, and it came out looking like this:

Seamus: “what is it?”
DCB: “a latte!”
Seamus: “..”
DCB: “oh! Um… it’s a.. it’s a flower, see, with some bees and fireworks.”
Seamus: “Awesome. I like to know what things are before I destroy them.”

Life is good. I’ve been thinking a lot about networks and group versus individual blogging. How to define things online. While I hate defining things, it’s necessary when explaining things to others and also when constructing systems of dealing with all the ideas we have being fractured and built upon online. It’s so cool. I’ll likely start pontificating more on such things on here soon. Maybe I should create a geek filter for the sake of humanity.