*Bacon was rad. I’m glad I copped out on such petty things as cleaning in order to go.
*Nature is in town and is spinning tonight at Heaven. I’m going as Tank Girl. You should come out.
*Geeked out with Kaleen last night about the upcoming discussion group on the 7th. So much geek. How much? SO MUCH.
*from the self-portrait image thread on WhiteChapel came a conversation about powerful women (around page 11), and a new Rosie the Riveter. So I played camwhore in my bathroom.

Do you know a good vet? ’cause these pythons are SICK!

And now, back to work. Without a wig. In boots. And torn up fishnets. Halloween is my favorite.

Emperical Testing

I’m going to make a graph today (or over the weekend, but I will be starting today) which will show my online presence. Question is, what do I use as the factor? Help me out!

(it will end up looking sort of like population by land mass maps or sensitivity images – the denser or more sensitive, the bigger the representative area)

Yes, crayons and graph paper will be involved.

Good lord, look at my geek go unchecked.

You like it! Admit it!

coffee love

So I’m in this pretty rad coffee shop right now, called Cherry Street Coffee House, reading The Ontology of Cyberspace with Seamus (my brother), who is studying the history of morphine. A bus full of clowns just drove by. It’s that sort of morning.

I will now regale you with two stories from interactions with the devastatingly cute barista (who is wearing a Prince shirt) because I’m in story telling mode and I know you won’t read it unless your middle finger is so worn out from people “merging” in Seattle traffic that you can’t operate your scroll wheel.

DCB: “would you like room for cream?”
me: “blasphamy!”
DCB: “for the sake of the cow?”
me: “oh no, fuck the cow, for the sake of the coffee!”

Seamus then essentially ordered a lot of espresso with a bit of milk. They do a lot of latte art here, and it came out looking like this:

Seamus: “what is it?”
DCB: “a latte!”
Seamus: “..”
DCB: “oh! Um… it’s a.. it’s a flower, see, with some bees and fireworks.”
Seamus: “Awesome. I like to know what things are before I destroy them.”

Life is good. I’ve been thinking a lot about networks and group versus individual blogging. How to define things online. While I hate defining things, it’s necessary when explaining things to others and also when constructing systems of dealing with all the ideas we have being fractured and built upon online. It’s so cool. I’ll likely start pontificating more on such things on here soon. Maybe I should create a geek filter for the sake of humanity.

we futurists have Gypsy Mansions, too

Yesterday after work drove down to Portland to see The Ghosts Project with Petra. It was such an amazing time that it was completely worth the trip – despite getting turned around in Tacoma, a horrifically expensive speeding ticket (he was in a Mustang, what?), and getting so lost on the way to drop P off that I just drove straight home – arriving at 7a this morning. I am not young enough to pull that sort of thing off any more. Today my body is wrecked, but I learned my lesson AND saw some awesome people (and heard amazing music).

This was my last time using my car, as it has also been sold. After I get the parking tickets and speeding ticket I’ve received since getting here I should be well on my way to stability and adulthood. I think I’m already there, but loose ends drive me nuts.

Comicon is tomorrow and Sunday, though I’m just attending tomorrow. Will be going to lunch at The Wild Ginger at 12:30, any and all are welcome to join me. Please do say hello regardless. (Awesome points: David Malaki from Wondermark! is going to be there.)

some days…

..you have to remember that our brains are still basically suited for flinging poo at each other out of trees. And just because you have all the pieces in front of you doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily fit the outcome.

DNA was a genius.
edit : no, this is not on my leg. please see the comments if you haven’t read the entire H2G2 series and so don’t get the reference

We’re all just winging it, all the time, no matter how well-laid you think your plans are (though they certainly do help). Try to be the kind of person who’s ok with that.